Beneath the sands of time, a castle and its undead court stirs.

Deep in the darkest woods, a wild hunt rages on.

And at the edge of a fallen city, a never-ceasing hunger gnaws at the ribs of unlucky souls.

In the heart of Vyer, the Unholy Empire, Queen Sephira of the Hellbound House of Fane adjusts her grandmother’s crown, fully aware that she is not the only devil scheming in her throne room.

And somewhere, ignorant to it all, are four bad heroes, with no idea just how unprepared they are.

Welcome to Bad Heroes.

Bad Heroes is an actual play podcast based on the Pathfinder tabletop roleplaying game.

It’s set in a homebrew world and campaign by Drea Silvertooth, co-produced by Lian Xia Rose, and played by a group of friends who like to goof around and have fun while spinning an original tale.

If you’re a fan of adventure and intrigue with a healthy dose of comedy — and looking for a new story to dive into — then you’ve come to the right place!

We publish new episodes on the first and third Friday of every month.

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Our theme song is “Solve the Damn Mystery” by Jesse Spillane. Other music used in the show is credited in the episodes in which they appear.

The Bad Heroes icon was designed by Drea Silvertooth and Fox Croí.

The House of Fane symbol is by Fox Croí.

Bad Heroes is made possible by listener support. Thank you to the following patrons on Patreon:
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