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Bad Heroes S1E39: The Wild Hunt – Part Fourteen

Our heroes say goodbye to a friend and catch their breath. Tonreir gets back to his roots.

Bad Heroes S1E38: The Wild Hunt – Part Thirteen

The Wild Hunt rages on. Rihva takes the plunge, Ira lends a hand, Gydeon keeps her cool, and Tonreir makes a connection.

Bad Heroes S1E37: The Wild Hunt – Part Twelve

Fur will fly as our heroes catch up to a fugitive werewolf. It's time for the Wild Hunt... but who is hunting whom, in the end?

Bad Heroes S1E36: The Wild Hunt – Part Eleven

In Sanguine Silvis, our heroes race the setting sun in their quest for the truth. Tonreir has a theory, Gydeon learns a new skill, Ira seeks his heart’s desire, and Rihva’s got way too many daggers.

Bad Heroes S1E35: The Wild Hunt – Part Ten

Sosalia and Sanguine Silvis bare their secrets to our heroes as they begin to formulate a plan. But with the Wild Hunt fast approaching and something very wrong, will it be enough?