Bad Heroes S1E34: The Wild Hunt – Part Nine

A daring chase, a difficult choice, and a century-old peace on the line — the stakes are high as our heroes navigate a desperate situation.

Bad Heroes S1E33: The Wild Hunt – Part Eight

As our heroes start to befriend the pack, Tonreir learns from the alpha, Rihva considers a new con, Gydeon keeps to herself, and Iria realizes something big.

Bad Heroes S1E32: The Wild Hunt – Part Seven

Our heroes must make their case before the alpha of the Sanguine Silvis pack. Do they spill the tea?

Bad Heroes S1E31: The Wild Hunt – Part Six

As they head deeper into the woods, our heroes learn why there's a werewolf pack hiding out in Sanguine Silvis.

Bad Heroes S1E30: The Wild Hunt – Part Five

Our heroes must once again show what they are made of in order to face down a raging werewolf.