Bad Heroes S1E30: The Wild Hunt – Part Five

Our heroes must once again show what they are made of in order to face down a raging werewolf.

Bad Heroes S1E29: The Wild Hunt – Part Four

Who's afraid of the big bad wolves? Rihva vanishes, Iria eavesdrops, Gydeon fibs, and Tonreir makes a friend.

Bad Heroes S1E28: The Wild Hunt – Part Three

Having worn out their welcome in Sosalia, our heroes venture into the forest in search of werewolves. Tonreir and Iria feel right at home, Gydeon gets to rough it, and Rihva would rather be anywhere else.

Bad Heroes S1E27: The Wild Hunt – Part Two

Why is everyone in Sosalia so tight-lipped about the forest? One way to find out, and apparently it involves tentacles. Yes, you read that right.

Bad Heroes S1E26: The Wild Hunt – Part One

With two nights to the full moon, our heroes have very little time to gather information on Sosalia's local werewolf population. Too bad all they can roll is 1s.