Content Warnings

The following content warnings may contain spoilers for the episodes they are in — click on the episode name to reveal the warnings. Subjects and times were estimated to the best of our ability. Generally, if a content warning is a one-off occurrence in an episode, we’ll include a timestamp. If there is no timestamp for a particular content warning, then the topic was likely prevalent throughout much of the episode.

If we missed any subjects that you’d like noted in the future, please e-mail us at!

Note: We started making content warnings in S1E16, so this is not a complete list. As time permits, we promise to go back through our early episodes and add warnings to Episodes 1-15.

Arc Two: The Wild Hunt

  • Tampering of food and drink
  • Discussions of violence
  • Gore, harm to a wild animal by another animal: 01:03:52-End

  • Discussions of war, capital punishment, violence
  • Mentions of injury to a child and medical treatment
  • Mention of past violence and death (by werewolf): 00:35:20-00:36:18
  • Blood drinking, body horror: 00:42:20-00:43:47, 00:47:44-00:49:03
  • Mention of injury to a child and blood (in previously on)
  • Injured child: 00:02:00-00:02:10, 00:05:10-00:05-20, 00:08:15-00:08-30, 00:52:10-00:52:14
  • Blood, wound with magic elements: 00:08:50-00:09:15, 00:12:50-00:13:20, 00:19:10-00:20:00
  • Fear of water, implied phobia and trauma: 00:13:55-00:14:20
  • Blood: 00:45:40-00:45:46
  • Body horror: 00:48:20-00:48:35
  • Wound care, medical care, fever: 00:49:05-00:49:40, 00:58:55-01:00:10
  • Discussion of potential child death: 00:58:55-01:00:10
  • Discussion of capital punishment (of a werewolf): 01:06:40-01:07:11

  • Injury to a child, blood: 01:06:25-1:08:52
  • Mental breakdown, loss of control, violence, blood
  • Mention of tentacles (in previously on): 00:28-00:38
  • Mention of traumatic flashback (fire): 55:35-55:55
  • Otherworldly tentacles, screaming: 30:30-30:31, 36:12-36:57
  • Mention of blood: 43:36-44:30

Interlude: The Return to Vyer

  • Blood on clothing, bandages and implied wounds: 58:50-58:59
  • Discussion of blood consumption (vampires) and selling body parts: 1:04:13-1:07:29
  • Vampiric hunger, implied danger of PC being eaten: 1:04:48-1:07:38

Arc One: The Forgotten Court

  • Paralysis (temporary, magical): 15:46-16:04, 16:50-17:00
  • Blood and vampiric hunger: 39:20-39:30, 42:55-46:15

  • Mild body horror: 8:50-9:38, 10:30-10:50
  • Claustrophobia and imprisonment: 14:00-14:28
  • PTSD symptoms and flashbacks: 15:10-16:19
  • Destructive fire: 43:00-44:45
  • Grief and loss: 46:14-47:26
  • Weight loss: 46:20-46:25
  • Burns: 1:04:15-1:05:12