Content Warnings

The following content warnings may contain spoilers for the episodes they are in. Subjects and times were estimated to the best of our ability. If we missed any subjects that you’d like noted in the future, please feel free to e-mail us at

S1E30: The Wild Hunt – Part 5

Mental breakdown, loss of control, violence, blood

S1E28: The Wild Hunt – Part 3

Mention of tentacles (in previously on): 00:28-00:38
Mention of traumatic flashback (fire): 55:35-55:55

S1E27: The Wild Hunt – Part 2

Otherworldly tentacles, screaming: 30:30-30:31, 36:12-36:57
Mention of blood: 43:36-44:30

S1E22: The Return to Vyer – Part 2

Blood on clothing, bandages and implied wounds: 58:50-58:59
Discussion of blood consumption (vampires) and selling body parts: 1:04:13-1:07:29
Vampiric hunger, implied danger of PC being eaten: 1:04:48-1:07:38

S1E20: The Forgotten Court – Part 16

Paralysis (temporary, magical): 15:46-16:04, 16:50-17:00
Blood and vampiric hunger: 39:20-39:30, 42:55-46:15

S1E19: The Forgotten Court – Part 15

Mild body horror: 8:50-9:38, 10:30-10:50
Claustrophobia and imprisonment: 14:00-14:28
PTSD symptoms and flashbacks: 15:10-16:19
Destructive fire: 43:00-44:45
Grief and loss: 46:14-47:26
Weight loss: 46:20-46:25
Burns: 1:04:15-1:05:12