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Bad Heroes is an actual play podcast about a group of hapless adventurers hunting curses in a land bound to Hell itself. Our story is set in a homebrew world by Drea Silvertooth, our game master and the show’s creator, using Pathfinder 1st Edition mechanics.

The purpose of this page is to serve as a guide to all our episodes and to help you decide where to jump in. Click on a cover image in the table of contents below to go to a list of episodes in each chapter of the story so far.

Content warnings can be found here (may contain spoilers). We’re also working on transcripts for our episodes, and will be adding those here as they become available.

New to actual plays and tabletop roleplaying games? Here are the basics.

In a tabletop RPG, the game master (GM) creates a fictional world full of characters and scenarios, like writing a story on the fly. Only, in this story, the writer doesn’t control the protagonists, the players in the game do. Bad Heroes has four players, and their characters shape the story through the power of choice and the sheer luck of dice rolls.

Art by Melina Caron

Where do I begin?

Where to begin listening to the show depends on your preferences!

  • If you want to experience the entire story, start at Episode 1. You’ll meet the characters at the beginning of their journey together and catch all our bad jokes, as well as cool foreshadowing for what’s to come. Note: our audio is listenable from the start, but gets way better later on. We recently remastered the first episode and plan to remaster the rest of our early episodes, but you’ll notice a temporary dip in quality as a result.
  • If consistently good audio quality is important to you, we recommend starting at Episode 16. By this time, everyone had upgraded their recording equipment and this episode drops you right at the start of some exciting action during Arc One: The Forgotten Court. You can listen to a recap version of Episode 16 here that catches you up on the basic events you need to know to jump in the fray. You can also find more detailed written recaps of many of our episodes here.
  • If you want to skip ahead to the second arc, we’ve put together a 40-minute audio recap of Episodes 1-25 that summarizes our prologue, first arc, and first interlude. You’ll learn everything you need to know to start listening to Arc Two: The Wild Hunt, which begins in Episode 26.

Table of Contents