Bad Heroes Recap: S1E1-S1E25

Hey listeners! This special episode is a narrative recap of the story so far. Whether you’re new to Bad Heroes or just want to refresh your memory, here’s a rundown of the main events that have happened in the first 25 episodes of the show.

If you retain information better visually, you also can go to our Recaps page, where you’ll find recaps in text form along with character art, graphics and maps!

A transcript for this episode is available here.

“Darkest Child,” “Some Amount of Evil,” “Night of Chaos,” “Moonlight Hall,” “Ghost Dance,” “Thinking Music” and “Wizardtorium” – Kevin MacLeod
“Fog” and “Labyrinth” – Sergey Cheremisinov
“The Wilderness I Want” – Jim Rooster
“Daemones,” “Sentinel,” “Realness,” “Great Expectations,” “Evermore,” “Mercy,” “Smoldering” and “Global Warming” – Kai Engel

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