S1E1: The Unholy Empire – Part 1

What do a catfolk bard, a haughty sorceress, an aloof druid, and a street-smart fighter have in common? Nothing, except they’re all working for the Queen now. Welcome to Vyer.

Notes: This is a remastered version of Episode 1 re-released on June 30, 2023. A transcript for this episode is available here. A list of content warnings can be found here. For a written recap of this episode, click here.

Jesse Spillane – “Solve The Damn Mystery”
Sergey Cheremisinov – “Fog”
Kevin McLeod – “Darkest Child”

Sound effects by Craigsmith, Breviceps, Urkki69, ditnoka, oldedgar, iut_Paris8, coldvet, JonCon_Library on freesound.org

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