S1E55: The Scattered Pawns – Part 9

Tonreir and Gydeon test their skills, and on a secluded mountaintop, Gydeon’s draconic origins make themselves known.

Note: This episode contains content warnings. Get more details here.


“Great Expectations,” “Snowmen,” “Meekness,” “November,” “modum” and “Global Warming” – Kai Engel
“Long Note Three” – Kevin MacLeod
“Solve the Damn Mystery” – Jesse Spillane

Sound effects by lwdickens, univ_lyon3, CCCanary, Euphrosyyn, Nakhas, Vital_Sounds, oldmansmusic, kooust, JonasTisell, bajko, DeVern and waveplaySFX on freesound.org

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